Linear Dimensions sells impedance sensors, optical sensors and capacitive sensors for use with its PEAL system.

Optical Sensors

Linear Dimensions offers customized optical solutions based upon its proprietary sensor technology.  These sensors block side light allowing operation from up to 2cm away without saturating while also allowing emitters in close proximity of the sensor without a light shield.  Linear’s sensors include five wide band and one infrared filter window and couple to Linear’s proprietary transconductor and programmable INA.  These sensors are only available as part of a semi-custom multi-chip module development.

Capacitive Sensors

Linear Dimensions offers capacitive cloth based sensors as part of a semi-custom capacitive sensor system.  The benefit of capacitive sensors is that they may be placed underneath non-conductive surfaces such as the leather of a band or car seat or the plastic of a band or watch.  The difficulty is that capacitive sensors are extremely sensitive to distance and movement, as well as static and coupled EMI sources.  Before PEAL it was almost impossible to extract signals of interest from capacitive sensors in real world applications.

In the image above Linear’s copper cloth capacitive sensor is cut into small pieces and attached to a foam pad.  This pad is placed upon a seat as it would be for example in a car seat application trying to extract ECG for fatigue, incapacitation, identification or authentication purposes.  In the video below one of our engineers is sitting upon the pad with a shirt on.  This is a great illustration of how PEAL can cut through the noise and provide the ECG signals of interest in a real world application through clothing.

Impedance Sensors

Linear Dimensions develops and sells custom Ag-Ag-Cl sensors in the form factor requested by the customer.  An example are the “peanut sensors” used in the AI physician product shown above.  The peanut sensors are the arc shaped sensors with the small bumps on the right and left of the unit.